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Naturopathy uses natural remedies to treat diseases and ailments in the human body. To detoxify your body, we use natural remedies.

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Yoga and medication

Yoga is a traditional form of exercise that focuses on increasing physical and mental well-being via strength, flexibility, and breathing.

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Therapeutic diet

Through this we controls the consumption of certain foods or nutrients, and provide balanced and customized meal plan for the betterment of your health












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Diet therapy

It entails changing and making adjustments to one's diet to prevent or treat a disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Weight Gain

To encourage you to maintain a normal BMI, we organize counseling sessions on nutrition, physical activity, and behavior therapy treatment.


Hypertension Management

Our experts will help you control and manage your high blood pressure with minor modifications to your daily routine.


Cholesterol Management

Healthy lifestyle adjustments can help to improve heart health, lower cholesterol levels, and prevent high cholesterol.


Digestive Disorder

We help individuals manage their persistent symptoms by adjusting their lifestyle, nutrition, and medications to prevent or treat digestive disorders.


Diabetes management

Manage blood sugar levels in your body to manage diabetes and avoid further issues. A nutritious diet and a minor modification in your lifestyle can help you naturally reverse your diabetes.

Pratik Anand

The Best Naturopath in Delhi

Pratik Anand is a well-known naturopath in India. He holds a diploma in naturopathy and yoga (DNY) from the AINCF, and is a certified nutrition therapist from Malaysia's Lincoln University. He worked as a consultant for HIIMS(hospital and Institute of Integrated Medical Sciences). RICHS (Research Institute of Complimentary Health Services Vietnam) has recognized him as a Corona Warrior. He is a WISE (Wellness and Inflammatory Syndrome Expert) and a flu expert (NICE). He is currently working as a consultant and director at Satvik Healers.

Thousands of patients with chronic diseases and lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, sleep disorders, psoriasis, asthma, IBS, GERD, high blood pressure, diabetes, PCOD, menstrual difficulties, and migraines have been cured by Pratik Anand.


Satvik Treatment

Our Naturopathy Treatment Approaches
Mud therapy

Mud has the capacity to heal and improve circulation from the inside out. It contains many essential elements that help the body battle pollutants

Hydro therapy

Hydrotherapy increases muscle relaxation by reducing muscle cramps and improving joint flexibility. Reduced pain sensitivity, increased circulation, increased strength and endurance.

Magnet therapy

Magnet therapy speeds natural healing, gives natural pain relief, relief from joint problems pain, and improves sleep; it has also moved into the fields of physical ailments such as cancer treatment and mental disorders like depression.


Blockages are eliminated by exerting physical pressure to specified spots. It aids in the correction of functional imbalances and the regeneration of flow, allowing the body to return to a more natural condition of well-being.


Fasting encourages the body burning up and excrete massive amounts of waste. It involves completely emptying the intestines by evacuation at the start of the fast so that you are not disturbed by gas or decomposing stuff created from excrements left in the body.

Yoga & meditation

Yoga helps people avoid mental ailments and enhances their ability to cope with stressful situations. Meditation can help to regulate emotional changes, prevent abnormal body function, and balance the nervous system.


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